Kit me out

All in one convenience, price and comfort.

Introducing the Sleep by Simba Mattress, a complete bedding solution that offers unique comfort at incredible value, all for your best night sleep. Guaranteed.

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A complete comfort solution... at a price you you can’t believe.

We believe everyone should have a great sleep. To deliver that, we’ve cut our margins without cutting on our quality.

For our mattress, we’ve used premium quality materials expertly balanced between comfort and airflow. To kit it out, we’ve taken our premium hotel collections to give you the same experience at home.

Your textile experts, now helping you get the best sleep at home.

Steeped in textile knowledge, Simba has been on the forefront of textile technology in Australia for over 40 years. Supplying the majority of Australian hotels, hospitals and mining facilities, Simba is now helping you get the best sleep at home.